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100 Houses For 100 Architects (25 Years)

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Because of its private and intimate character, the interior has never attracted much attention. This low level of interest can perhaps be accounted for in terms of the short-lived nature of interiors. Private fittings and furnishings are tied to the necessity of meeting the current, subjective, specific and thus fugitive and changeable needs of the occupants. Criticism of architecture, by contrast, seeks to identify permanent manifestations of general and collective values, of a kind such as architecture can comprehensively include and harmonise, and does not recognise in the private space any values specific to the field. This criticism does not count the peculiar features of the interior, its constituent features, or its compositional principles - in short, everything that distinguishes the interior from other spaces and lends it an autonomous nature.

If, however, we examine the issues involved in the establishment of domestic space, the questions that arise time and again are those concerning relations between the public and the private, the collective and the individual, the spectacular and the intimate. There is no doubt that the private has always existed, since in every age there has been at least one zone protected from the intrusive gaze of strangers, an area reserved for more personal and intimate activities, even if its boundaries have been variously demarcated according to period and culture. It is this circumstance that constitutes the true foundation for inquiry into the nature of domestic space. What follows in the present book is not an exhaustive presentation of individual works by a certain number of architects, but it does afford a hitherto unpublished, ``transnational`` panorama that differs substantially from what readers will encounter when leafing through the usual histories of architecture.

This project, which showcases the residences of some of the most significant twentieth century European architects, aims not only to make visible an aspect of our culture that has hitherto been neglected by scholars, and to promote a public esteem and valuation of this cultural property, but also, ambitiously, to help assure the preservation of this shared international heritage.

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