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Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure
Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up Adventure
ISBN: 9780545176163
5 páginas
SKU: 2159751
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A brand-new explosive, interactive, pop-off-the-page book about George Lucas's STAR WARS movies from NY TIMES bestseller Matthew Reinhart!

Matthew Reinhart has created another spectacular pop-up book for George Lucas's epic STAR WARS movies! The NEW YORK TIMES bestselling pop-up artist and engineer has created a brand-new 3-D experience, packed with a variety of novelty features -- pop-ups, working lightsabers, pull tabs, and other interactive looks at the exciting and popular movies. This new look at STARS WARS explores the characters, stories, vehicles, droids, and more in the three prequel movies and the Clone Wars. It's a stunning book that will impress all fans of STAR WARS and gives a whole new perspective to the universe.

Paper engineer maestro Matthew Reinhart has crafted DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book and the three-dimensional Maurice Sendak Mommy, but for Star Wars fans, he is most respected for his triumphant Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy. Now he adds to that luster with another spectacular Star Wars creation. His Star Wars: A Galactic Pop-Up offers new depth to the characters, stories, droids, and vehicles of the three prequel films and The Clone Wars.
Publishers Weekly
Five years after Star Wars: A Pop-up Guide to the Galaxy, Reinhart strikes back with another gorgeous pop-up tribute to Star Wars. Illustrated in the same precise yet painterly style as its predecessor, this offering is divided into five spreads—loosely organized by planets, creatures, evildoers, technology, and the rise of Darth Vader (who gets a light-up lightsaber)—and focuses on the more recent Star Wars films. Thus, characters like Queen Amidala, General Grievous (who launches out from his spread in all his spindly, skeletal glory), and even Jar Jar Binks get their due (Reinhart's unspooling destroyer droid and battle-ready Darth Maul are especially wonderful). Reinhart's books remain a marvel of movement, intricacy, and skill. Ages 7–up. (Oct.)
Kirkus Reviews
Teeming with pop-ups capped by a wonderfully menacing Darth Vader wielding a glowing light saber, this companion to Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy (2007) makes a memorable keepsake for fans of The Phantom Menace film and its two sequels. With only glancing reference to the interstellar epic's storylines, Reinhart introduces flurries of major and minor worlds, characters, spacecraft and alien races. Each broadly topical spread (example: "Slick Tech and Astromechs") features both a big central figure or tableau that rears up to an unlikely height and, in at least two corners, nested pop-up constructs that open or unfold in layers. The art's watery colors and indistinct lines don't recall the vivid realism of the movies, and the bland accompanying commentary underwhelms ("…weaponry can mean the difference between victory and defeat"). That's hardly the point: Even casual or nonfans will be open-mouthed at the gloriously rococo paper engineering--particularly the multiarmed, insectile droid Gen. Grievous and the final spread, in which viewers get a glimpse of Anakin Skywalker's scowling visage before Vader's armored helmet snaps into place. A fragile but awesome tribute. (Pop-up/movie tie-in. 7-11, adult)
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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780545176163
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 10/16/2012
Series: Star Wars
Pages: 5
Sales rank: 92.560
Age range: 7 - 8 Years
Product dimensions: 8.44 (w) x 10.26 (h) x 2.74 (d)

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