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Cannes Cinema. A Visual History Of The Worlds Greatest Film Festival

Editorial: Phaidon Press
ISBN : 9782866427054
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A warm and personal approach to the development of the festival and that of cinema. Each portrait is accompanied by a short and anectotal text written by Serge Toubiana, Director of the Cinémathèque Française.


A visual history of the world?s greatest film festival, the Cannes festival, from its beginnings in 1939 to the present day
A beautiful collection of portraits of the greatest film stars, actors and directors from around the world
600 photographs taken by three generations of photographers from the Traverso family
From Louis Lumière to Quentin Tarantino, Grace Kelly to Penelope Cruz, all the greatest film-makers and stars are immortalized here

Cannes Cinema
Wydawnictwo:Cahiers du Cinema
Autor: Toubiana Serge
Rok wydania: 2011-05-11
Paginas: 336
Format: 280 x 230 mm