Chilean Wine. An Illustrated History (Td)

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Chilean Wine. An Illustrated History introduces the reader to the history of wine, from the origins of the vine 70 million years ago to the present day. In their lively, well-informed prose, renowned Chilean winemakers Rodrigo Alvarado Moore and Alejandro Hernández Muñoz convey that history, beginning in Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt where wine was the beverage of kings and pharaohs. Centuries later, the Spanish conquistadors introduced vinifera vines to the Americas, where they gradually spread across the New World and found, at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Central Chile, ideal ecological conditions for their development.
With nine substantial chapters and a series of practical, concise appendices that include a time-line, statistics and other reference material, this book explains historic events and technical processes in a clear, captivating style that fine wine lovers will greatly appreciate.
A complete graphic novel presenting key events and figures in the history of wine in Chile and the world adds an innovative twist to this book, and will definitely capture the attention of new generations of readers interested in knowing more about the fascinating world of wine and vitiviniculture.

Size: 17 cm x 24,5 cm
Pages: 312 pp.
Hard Case
ISBN 978-956-316-433-6