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China: An Intimate Look At The Past And Present: A Photographic Journe

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Through a stunning array of photographs, "China" captures the country today by revisiting one of the most legendary military routes. When the Red Army began a retreat across China in October 1934, the future of the Communist uprising looked bleak. But what began as certain defeat was transformed into a galvanizing journey, setting the stage for the creation of the People s Republic of China. From an international team of photographers dispatched in 2011 along that same routefrom Jiangxi in the southeast to Gansu and Shaanxi in the Northwestthe breathtaking images they brought back reveal a land and people that have undergone monumental change over the last 75 years.
Villages have become cities; dirt tracks, superhighways; and everywhere the buzz of industry and commerce fills the air. Bearing witness to the change have been the people, whose faces wear a deep feeling of pride, determination, and perseverancethe same spirit that turned the Long March from a disaster into a triumph.
For two years from 19341936, the Red Army, under the leadership of Mao Zedong, retreated across the wilds of China, battling nationalist forces and struggling to stay alive under impossibly harsh conditions. They trekked across mountains, snowfields, bogs, and desertsplaces that today have been completely transformed. With photographs by a group of celebrated photographers, along with maps, timelines, and historical images and artwork, "China" provides an insightful and wholly original retelling of one of the most significant events in Chinese history."
Biografía del autor

Anthony Paul has worked as an editor, foreign correspondent and author in the Asia-Pacific region for more than forty years. As editor-at-large for numerous magazines, including "Fortune, Reader s Digest," and "Asiaweek" he has covered wars in Indochina, Afghanistan, and Iraq and written extensively about China s economic rise. He divides his time between Australia and Hong Kong.
Brodie Paul has spent most of his life in Asia, growing up in Hong Kong, studying at Fudan University in Shanghai, and teaching English. He later lived and worked in Shanghai for 10 years, first as Dun & Bradstreet s business development manager, then as a partner in, an online import/export company. He currently works as a trade and investment specialist with the Queensland Government.

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