Gene Marcials 7 Commandments Of Stock Investing

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The stock market is a convoluted and unpredictable system that easily confuses investors. As a result most people are told to develop an investment strategy that is based more on safety than on achieving a high return. By doing this they give up a lot of additional profit. This book introduces seven effective, money making, counterintuitive strategies, gleaned from over 25 years of experience picking and analyzing stocks that contradict widely-held myths in the market and help investors make better more profitable investing decisions. Gene G. Marcial introduces a new world of uncharacteristic, contrarian ideas that will change your way of thinking about stock investing. In addition, he opens up the secret, mysterious world of corporate and market insiders, and shows how to track them down, emulate their investing ways, and profit from their lucrative strategies.

Gene Marcial`s 7 Commandments of Stock Investing
Gene G. Marcial

ISBN-10: 0132354616
ISBN-13: 9780132354615

Publisher: FT Press
Copyright: 2008
Format: Cloth; 224 pp
Published: 03/26/2008