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Man And Sea: Planet Ocean

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Spanning from the arctic to the tropics, from large-scale views of Australia's barrier reef to close-up images of sea turtles, "Man and Sea" is a compelling, entirely unique journey through a fascinating world. Spectacular aerial images by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and striking underwater photographs by Brian Skerry offer a top-to-bottom tour of the world's oceans, while the enlightening text covers the sea's critical mechanisms, from currents to food chains. Inspiring interviews of some of the world's most respected researchers and activists also offer cutting-edge insight into the many challenges, such as overfishing and pollution, facing the oceans today. Exploring the critical and ever-evolving relationship between mankind and the ocean, "Man and Sea" is an unforgettable portrait of the global issue of sustainable development.

Praise for "Man and Sea"

"Mr. Skerry's Technicolor image of hard corals on the Kingman Reef far out in the Pacific and Mr. Bertrand's shot of the pale sand of Whitsunday Island near the Great Barrier Reef are cool and timeless portraits of treasures we might easily think limitless."" --"The Editors, " Wall Street Journal "

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ISBN-10: 1419708236
ISBN-13: 9781419708237
Publisher: ABRAMS
Language: English

Hardcover: 304 Pages
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