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Pintura Española (1200-1665)

Editorial: Konemann
ISBN : 9783741923210
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From the medieval works of Romanesque and Gothic art to the golden age of the Baroque, from the famous Beatus Apocalypses to Diego Velazquez and Francisco de Zurbaran, Spanish painting offers a unique abundance of artistic themes and styles. Intimately connected with the needs and power displays of the Habsburg dynasty and the Church, Spanish art developed an idiom as varied as it was distinctive. Spanish Painting (1200-1665) covers over 500 works.

Tapa dura: 540 páginas
Editor: Konemann; Edición: Multilingual (1 de septiembre de 2019)
Idioma: Inglés
ISBN-10: 3741923214
ISBN-13: 978-3741923210