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The Role Of The Soviet Union In The Second World War : A Re-Examinatio

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This book investigates several controversial issues regarding the role of the Soviet Union and the performance of the Soviet government and Red Army, to which the author provides some provocative answers. The primary question explored by the author, however, regards the effectiveness of both the Red Army and of the Soviet military economy. Dr. Sokolov argues that the chief defect of the Soviet military economy was the disproportionate emphasis on the production of tanks and aircraft at the expense of transportation means and the means of command and control. This leads the author to look at the role of Lend-Lease during the war. Through the delivery of radio sets, trucks, jeeps, locomotives, fuel, explosives and so on, the author concludes that Lend-Lease was critical to the Red Army, and that the Soviet Union would not have been able to wage a long war against Germany without the Lend-Lease supplies - a conclusion that defies decades of Soviet claims to the contrary. Finally, the author looks at the still very more

Format Paperback | 120 pages
Dimensions 156 x 234 x 10mm | 220g
Publication date 15 Mar 2013
Publisher Helion & Company
Publication City/Country Solihull, United Kingdom
Language English
Edition statement Revised ed.
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ISBN10 1908916559