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La Identidad Relacional Del Asociacionismo Familiar: Una Teo

SKU: 2737959  |  ISBN: 9789567757855
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At a time of renewed interest in the family, family associations are attracting increasing attention. This is due to a growing awareness that fraying social bonds and the general crisis of the welfare system are related to lack of support for the family and its code of solidarity. The book contains studies and research on family association in Italy, with the aim of fostering the exploration of strategies of association in Chile. In the first part, the question of the identity of a family association, within the framework of relational sociology and international literature is explored. In the second part, the results of some research on family associations carried out in Italy are presented: a survey on 123 projects realized by family associations in an Italian Region, some studies on collective households, and a qualitative research on separated families associations.

Nome editore: Ediciones Universidad Finis Terrae
Citazione: Carrà, E. (ed.), La identidad relacional del asociacionismo familiar: una teorización a partir de la experiencia italiana, Ediciones Universidad Finis Terrae, Santiago 2016: 207Autori: Carrà, Elisabetta
ISBN: 978-956-7757-85-5
Data di pubblicazione: 2016
Lingua: Spagnolo