Legendary Sailboats. Beken Of Cowes (Td)

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Since 1883, four generations of the Beken family have dedicated themselves to marine photography, creating the most artistic images of sailboats ever shot and even receiving a Royal Warrant of Excellence. This extraordinary selection of work from the Beken Marine Photography Archive traces the evolution of their unsurpassable style. For every rare and legendary picture, and every yacht, there's a captivating accompanying story.
Biografía del autor

The Bekens began their love affair with marine photography in 1888, when Alfred Edward (1855-1915) moved from Canterbury (Kent) to the Isle of Wight with his son Frank (1880-1970). He purchased a pharmacy in Birmingham Road in the seaport of Cowes, a town that was already famous for international yacht racing and for the world's oldest regular regatta, the renowned Cowes Week. Alfred and young Frank started shooting photographs to capture sailing yachts at their best and racing yachts in action, a real challenge at that time. These beautiful photographs started being sold in the pharmacy as souvenirs, and in the space of a few years they caught the attention of the world of yacht racing and sailing aficionados, earning the Beken family followers across the globe. Queen Victoria, King George V, and most recently the Duke of Edinburgh awarded the company a Royal Warrant for excellence.

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