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Visions Of Arcadia

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This is the volume published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from June to September 2012. Writing in "The New York Times," Ken Johnson accused the museum of "false advertising" for mounting only ten of the core trio's paintings and filling out the show with "second- and third-rank" painters. I have not seen the exhibition and don't know how much justice there is in that complaint; it is true, though, that the "Index of Works Illustrated" in the book is far longer than the "Checklist of the Exhibition" (and references at least fifty works by the three main painters). Whatever the faults or merits of the exhibition, the book itself is unquestionably a valuable contribution to the literature on French art around 1900. The first half is taken up by editor Joseph Rishel's extensive and deft overview of the theme. With a nod to Nicolas Poussin in the seventeenth century, whose absorption of the Virgilian eclogue stands behind all these visions of a bucolic, timeless world of peace and plenty, Dr. Rishel surveys the evolution of arcadian notions from Ingres and Corot through something like the dean's list of Post-Impressionists, Pointillists, Cubists, etc., up to a parting glance at Cy Twombly and a few contemporaries. Some of the painters are obvious contenders (Derain and Henri Rousseau), some not (Picasso and Delaunay), but what is surprising is how broadly the arcadian vision appealed to artists of very different sensibilities at this time of great creative ferment.

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ISBN-10: 0876332394
ISBN-13: 978-0876332399